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November 20th, 2008 (02:38 pm)


Cottage cheese with blueberry jam, pear slices & cranberry apple tea. :)


I'm starting a 365 on flickr; feel free to follow along here.

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November 18th, 2008 (05:00 am)

pomegranate & chocolate chip cookies with tazo passionfruit tea.

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things i've recently discovered:
-pomegranates are my new favourite fruit
-pomegranate juice leaves permanent stains
-i apparently need to revise my christmas list to make it more "age-appropriate"; in case you were wondering, yes, i am an old lady

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November 12th, 2008 (12:47 pm)

there are times when i want to drop out
of school and bake all day.


November 12th, 2008 (12:19 pm)

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mmm, bread.

November 10th, 2008 (11:15 am)

lovely loaf


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October 31st, 2008 (01:19 am)

From this story on CBC's website:

"We came to the conclusion that with strong safety measures in place, loss of life can be avoided"

..uh, really?!

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October 17th, 2008 (11:35 am)

current mood: nerdy

i feel that i don't use this as often as i should.


life is good at the moment, albeit a little hectic; i'm thriving off the pressure and the stress that comes with it.

things i'm looking forward to:
- paycheques
- making halloween bakestuffs
- thrifting trips
- crossing things off my to-do list
- big mugs of apple cider

also, this is neat. I think I'll read a new book this week. :)


August 15th, 2008 (04:55 am)

It's nearly 5am, yet I am far too excited to sleep at the moment.

Floor tickets. Radiohead. Fourteen hours.


August 4th, 2008 (11:18 pm)


truthfully, i don't feel any older.

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July 30th, 2008 (05:34 pm)
current song: vampire weekend

I took a break from the usual cupcakes to make these wonderful blueberry-bran muffins. Mmmmmm!

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July 27th, 2008 (01:33 am)

things i am looking forward to:

- getting my snazzy new business cards
- doing a photoshoot with my first official client
- yoga, twice daily
- checking things off my to-do list
- lazing on the beach
- paying off my line of credit
- having disposable income (ha.)
- boyfriends & birthdays!

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July 23rd, 2008 (02:19 am)


last night i had a dream that my hands were cut off.
while far from being the strangest dream i’ve ever had, it was certainly a weird experience. i went from feeling completely useless, to helpless, to dizzy, before waking up and ensuring that my hands and fingers were still intact.

hands and fingers.

July 21st, 2008 (06:52 pm)

three. one.
four. two.

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July 12th, 2008 (02:17 am)

i'm so tired of this.

..i'm so tired

& too stubborn for my own good.

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July 1st, 2008 (09:51 pm)

Happy Canada Day! :)
oh, canada

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June 18th, 2008 (01:12 am)

boredom + water balloons = endless entertainment

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June 8th, 2008 (09:17 am)

My body is fucking with my head at the moment, and I'm none too impressed.
I'm having trouble discerning what's real and what's not. =/

In other news, my laptop has been resurrected after a formidable demise last weekend.
I'm slowly reorganizing and putting the pieces back together; at most, I lost about a month's worth of photographs, most of which have been archived online somewhere.

I have a newfound appreciation for portable hard drives and tech-savvy boyfriends. :)

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May 18th, 2008 (01:54 pm)

explosions in the skyCollapse )

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May 15th, 2008 (06:48 pm)

i don't (usually) eat them, but i do take pictures. :)

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May 12th, 2008 (03:58 am)

it seems that all i ever do nowadays is make cupcakes.
at least they're cute. ^-^

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